Calling Home

Calling Home Vault 02 W
Calling Home | Drawings from the Subantarctic, 2017

With Soundscape by Andy Wilson. The Vault, Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery

AW17 CH BRG Ive been looking for you W
I've been looking for you, 2017

Artist Book, ink on Arches paper, 110cm x 38cm [Available]

Calling Home simple brand W
Drawing and Soundscape Installation, 2017

Adrienne Williams and Andy Wilson

AW Calling Home Klee W
Various sketches, 2017

Ink and gouache on 600gsm handmade cotton paper

Penguin abstracts 01 W
Royal penguins en masse, 2017

Ink on 600gsm hand made paper, 51cm x 16.5cm [Available]

Penguin abstracts 03 W
Flying hunters, 2017

Ink and gouache on 600gsm hand made cotton paper, 51cm x 16.5cm [Available]

Penguin abstracts 04 W
Flying underwater, 2017

Ink and gouache on 600gsm hand made cotton paper, 51cm x 16.5cm [Available]

AW sketching on Mac Q 02 W
Sketching on the beach, 2017

Macquarie Island, 50° South

AW King Penguins on Macquarie W
King Penguins on a rabbit-free Macquarie Island, 2017

AW Megaherbalicious W
Megaherbalicious, 2017

Artist Book, woodcut print and ink on Arches paper, 110cm x 38cm [Available]

Megaherbs woodcut plate
Carving the woodcut plate, 2017

Calling Home Megaherbs in Vault 01 W
Megaherbalicious in situ, 2017

AW Preening Penguins W
Royal Penguins' perfect preening, 2017

All of the pink feet, Macquarie Island, 50° South

Adrienne with Megaherbs Campbell Island W
Megaherbs en masse, 2017

Pleurophyllum speciosum, the Campbell Island daisy

Calling Home

Drawings from the Subantarctic

Soundscape by Andy Wilson

The Vault, Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, 2017

Calling Home celebrated the awe and wonder of standing on the shores of wild Southern Ocean islands, surrounded by tens of thousands of creatures, through drawing, printmaking and the power of music and sound.

An evocative soundscape, by composer Andy Wilson, transported visitors to those remote and windblown beaches using tonal musical textures overlaid with the everyday chatter of wildlife and the powerful surge of Subantarctic weather systems.

Representational artworks interplayed with abstracted pieces, celebrating the practice of drawing following an expedition into the Southern Ocean in late 2013. The installation highlighted the phenomenon of seeing of wildlife en masse as an increasingly rare experience.

Traditionally a landscape painter and colourist, Adrienne put aside oil paints and colour throughout 2017 to draw with charcoal and ink, exploring the idea that every bird, every day made its awkward journey back and forth to the sea and, in that moment, their survival depended entirely on being able to call to their family when they returned with food. Standing on the edge of just some of the many 40,000 strong penguin rookeries, she was overwhelmed by a cacophony of sound; of birds calling home, and home calling birds.

This installation was supported by public talks and tours, children’s and adult workshops, and Gallery Shop merchandise by Adrienne and other local artists.

Photography by David Graham and Adrienne Williams

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