Time in Alpine

AW cushion plant hugging W
Pat, pat, pat. Beguiled by cushion plants on an alpine moor, 2021

Mawson's Plateau, Mt Field National Park, Tasmania

AW Hut view leperello 02 W
Detailed story days at Pandani hut, 2021

Watercolour and gouache on Arches paper artist book, 14cm x 76cm, unframed.

AW plein air snow gums 03
On the snow gum trail, Mt Field, 2021

AW Hut friends W
Sunset friends, 2021

AW Pandani Hut W
Pandani Hut, Mt Field, 2021

AW colour chart W
Mixing snow gums and alpine yellow gums, 2021

AW painting hut view W
Button grass valley view, 2021

Picnic table view, watercolour and gouache on Arches paper, 35cm x 76cm, unframed

AW Inside hut studio W
Cold days sent me fireside, inside, 2021

AW Lk Dobson Shelter Shed W
Wet days sent me to a light filled shelter shed, 2021

Lake Dobson, Mt Field

AW SG trunk rain W
Rain soaked snow gum trunk, 2021

AW plein air tarn shelf W
And fair weather sent me up high, 2021

AW moor cushion plants W
I sat with sublime alpine moor plants, 2021

AW Hut snow view 01
Oh, and then it snowed..., 2021

AW Hut snow view 02
... and the outside studio closed that day, 2021

AW Snow painting hut view W
Snow valley view, Mt Field, 2021

Picnic table view, watercolour and gouache on Arches paper, 35cm x 76cm, unframed

AW Hut snow view 03
Views shifted across the weeks, 2021

AW P Pines and tarn W
Weather systems swirled around the little valley hut, 2021

AW Scoparia flw W
And as i left, the Richea scoparia began to flower, 2021

AW plein air snow gums 02
I saw all of the faces of the Tasmanian Spring, 2021

AW plein air snow gums 01
And every face had an upside, 2021

Sketching in Mt Field

Exhibiting in Upside at Side Gallery, Red Hill | December 2021

These images and works are the story of a three week sketching trip into the alpine areas of Mt Field National Park in November. Instead of her usual quick sketches, Adrienne found herself documenting moments in detail. She was often alone on ridgetops watching spectacular variations in weather roll toward her as Tasmania experienced a wild and wet spring.

One night she went to bed with rain falling on the roof. Waking at midnight, she stepped outside into complete silence, and a thick blanket of snow. She embarked on small works with white gouache in an attempt to capture that moment of wonder, and hopes to bring those moments to larger canvasses over the following months.

Adrienne first visited Tasmania and Mt Field in 1993 and fell just a little bit in love with all of it. She has been visiting the Tasmanian outdoors ever since. The alpine areas has especially captivated her. The flora is unique to Tasmania, yet connected through plant families to other continents and the Australian mainland.

After a 2019 sketching trip to Mt Field she developed a new body of work about the Tasmanian snow gums and the high moor plants, shown in the exhibition Landscapes in Isolation in early 2021.


There are Mt Field Little Landscapes on paper or canvas available on my Shop page, and larger works marked [Available] on the Landscapes in Isolation page.